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Wish List

Get in touch with us directly if you have an item to donate!

Items We Use Frequently
Items That Get Distributed
  • eggs

  • butter

  • milk

  • potatoes

  • cooking oil (sunflower, canola, olive, etc.)

  • foil sheets

  • disposable pans

  • bowls, plates, spoons, etc.

  • any other fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste!

  • masks

  • hand sanitizer

  • hand warmers

  • hygiene supplies

  • warm clothes

  • menstruation supplies

We are not currently collecting emergency shelter supplies (tents, sleeping bags, tarps, etc.) but if you have those items to donate, we recommend taking them to Denver Homeless Out Loud (the purple building at the corner of Park Avenue and California!)

Other Items
  • shelves

  • storage bins (for flour, salt, other bulk dry goods)

  • Cambro storage containers

  • hotel pans with lids

  • large serving spoons

  • blender

  • food processor

  • chest freezer

  • deep fryer

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